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Mercy Tree Ministries is a training and equipping organization that empowers leaders to meet the practical needs of single parent families. We do that primarily through our training resources for leaders, opportunities for leaders to serve single parent families, and tools for single parents.

The Single Parent Ministry Training series offered by Mercy Tree Ministries was developed by Brenda Armstrong with Larry Burkett for Crown Financial Ministeries. Using "best practice" models of established ministries, these resources are the most comprehensive available to provide a jump-start on your ministry development or growth. Each manual contains the basics on why and how to care for single parent families. See our products section to purchase.  

The live Single Parent Ministry Training Workshop is a hugely successful full-day workshop that has trained hundreds of leaders to meet the top 10 needs of single parents. We are currently working on online training modules that will be available soon. However, live training for your leadership team is available if desired. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Resource Links

For additional resources for Single Parent Family Ministry leaders visit the resource page at AMFMOnline. Please note that these links are for information only and does not mean an endorsement by AMFM or Mercy Tree Ministries.

Contact us if you are a leader interested in becoming part of the AMFM family of ministries.

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