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Mercy Tree Ministries is a national 501(c)3 charitable organization that empowers single parents to make positive changes in their circumstances by equipping caring Christians to serve them.

With over 20 years experience in transitional benevolent ministry, we know what it takes to provide practical solutions to impossible situations.

Mercy Tree Ministries believes that most people in need don’t want to be needy. They want help to move beyond their present circumstances. We see each person as someone created by God with purpose and ability and who may need a little help in finding God’s direction and provision. They don’t want to be rescued. They need caring people to come along side them and help them be strong in any circumstance.

Our purpose is to help people in tangible ways with biblical compassion that brings those with needs into relationship and accountability with loving Christians. Our method is incentive-based and designed to
  • Encourage spiritual and emotional growth
  • Provide practical help that empowers people to stretch hard-earned dollars while making changes to improve their lifestyles and situations.
We do this by training, encouraging, and mentoring leaders that serve single parent families, networking and referring leaders to other helpful resources, and providing resources to help the single parent.
Our tools will help you minister to any low-income or needy family, but recognize single parents as those who statistically need the most help. These are parents who are doing alone what is typically done by two and doing it on half the income. Most children living in poverty live in single mother homes.
Most single parents are un-churched, so this is also an outreach opportunity.  Some people need help because they are in temporary crisis, such as a recent separation, job loss, or unexpected expenses. In today's economy, many people who have typically cared for themselves are suddenly finding themselves in need. Others have had a lifetime of poverty or near poverty and don't know how to begin moving from it. In fact, they don't even know that they can. Still others are in families where someone is struggling with addiction. Regardless of how they find themselves in need, their crises has limited their resources, perspective, and strength. 

We train leaders to meet needs from a biblical perspective, which honors the God-given talents and personal responsibilities of single parents needing our help while carrying burdens with them that are too heavy for them to carry alone. We empower single parents to be strong in any circumstance.
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